FIF is back !

From August 29th to September 1st 2019, see you in the heart of Creuse on an island with Brazil’s colors.

Come to live with us this Brazilian culture bath with an happy and warm atmosphere with its music, its dances and its flavors!

Embark for 3 days and 3 nights of 100% live music with dance workshops for couples, for groups, for improvisation, but also for music …

And since we are never really satisfied, this year we are waiting for you from thursday night for an opening ball!

To get a complete trip : share with us good meals, breakfast and convivial snacks throughout the weekend.

Accommodation in cottage or camping all around the parquets.

Close to Vassivière Lake, Villard, department of Creuse.

Check out the program below

planning FIF 2019-en-small

We have thought up for you two courses

One for beginners and one for more experienced people. Every course is conceived to progress during the weekend, to consider parallels between Forró and improvisation and to integrate workshops of dance from the Nordeste. There are also music workshops and you can exchange a dance workshop to music workshop (singing, percussion, instrumental, coco) when ever you wish.

They are marked as P1 and P2 in the program (p as « parcours »).

Course 1

Let’s step into the couple dance, in a joyful kind of way! Let’s discover the basics of Forró, by tools to move through the space two by two, by a journey around the collective, festive and inspiring dances from the Nordeste. We will experiment the « liberated » dance: get out of the box and learn to co-lead, which will allow us to follow, lead and follow in a more fluid way… To finish, we will learn new Forró steps, turnings and detours (« tours et détours) around our own axis or the one of your partner.

Course 2

Let’s be wicked! To be able to play together, we will first explore free dancing and search for possible contact points to have fun together, while always taking inspiration from the music. After that, we will start an exploration of new tools to get out and in of the Forró box by integrating improvisation into the dance. The next morning, we will go off for a journey around the collective and inspiring dances of the Nordeste to fill ourselves even more with this culture. Then, we will deepen our Forró technique by exploring the connection through the softness of the arms… Can you imagine? Come and discover 😉

And to finish in a beautiful way, we will find out how to fly and how to subtly make our partner fly!

Drawings: Atelier 42.


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