Here you can find an introduction to the artists you will meet during the festival. We invite them to spend the whole weekend with us, with you, to enjoy meeting each other. There are also « free musicians » who will make and share music everywhere. Jam sessions, the jams will make the music continue till the early mornings. And then, there will also be music workshops –  so don’t hesitate: bring your instrument!


Forró des Vallons

Forró des Vallons was born in the valleys of Brittany. In places where you’d want to get some sunshine, a whole flock of amazing musicians, playing different styles of music in different groups, got together to make people dance. Luck was with them, when they met Valéria Wanda. Valéria is Brazilian, singer and a real ambassador of forró culture. She is so much into forró that she carries along everyone around her. Forro des Vallons shares this sunny energy through the sounds of their voices, accordeon, violin, rabeca, bass, trumpet, zabumba, triangle, ganza padeiro, agogo … Are you ready to take off? 


Vol Insomniaque

Vol Insomniaque makes meet an accordeon and a saxophone. After some sleepless nights of improvisation on local and exotic motifs, Miguel Gramontain and Pol Abasq take you aboard for a crazy flight to incredible places. They experiment with you their compositions based on traditional melodies.


Frank Sósthenes

Frank Sósthenes is an artist form Pernambuco, musician and dancer with a master’s degree in Social History of Culture. He has been born in Recife – on a carneval Sunday. Being an artist since his birth, he has pariticipated in several groups (Forró na Caixa, Boi Marinho, Boi da Grande Loa) as a musician, dancer, producer and researcher. He has worked on different festivals in Brasil and Europe. His passion and artistic formation is the traditional music and popular games of Pernambuco (north-west of Brasil), mostly Cavalo Marinho, Coco de Roda, Maracatu and Capoeira Angola.
For the Fif, Frank presents us a musical solo set (accompaied by you!) to make us dive into the dances of the Nordeste. He will also offer workshops around Coco and Cavalo Marinho – dance and music cultures much less known but quite as wonderful as the Forró.
Click here to watch a video of Frank in the middle of a Cavalo Marinho:




Lolita and Lola met at the folk dance meetings, and share the pleasure of making you dance. Lola is a singer, rabequeira and percussionist. She felt home in Brazilian music very quickly but also explores other artistic styles, including chanson and circus … Lolita is an accordionist and singer with a preference for Gascony dance music. She is also influenced by other musical territories: Galicia, Brazil, …. They both made immersion trips in the musical culture of the Northeast of Brazil. Filled with those experiences, they will offer their voices, their instruments, their intentions for a night of mixed cultures, in the service of dance, whatever its shape.

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