Practical Information


Camping under the trees or a place to sleep in a vehicle is included in the price of the festival. Other accommodations require an additional fee. You can also stay Thursday and Sunday night, but an additional fee of 4.50€ per person and night has to be paid in cash at the festival.

Dormitory : No-mixed gender rooms with 6 bunk beds and a large kitchen / living room : This costs an additional 15 € for the week-end. Thursday and Sunday nights are not included in the festival and 15€ per person and night have to be paid in cash at the festival, if you wish to stay those nights in the dormitory.

Family Lodgings :

« Chemin » 1 bedroom and 1 living room, 3-4 places : 130 € for we.
« Prairie » 2 bedrooms and 1 living room, 6-8 places : 190 € for the we.


We are big fans of shared moments of shared meals, so that we keep the « all inclusive » price including food for the festival. We try our best to take care of specific diets and needs and the meals will be prepared on side by our team using a maximum of local and organic ingredients.

The registration fee is calculated to be the most accessible possible, but if this is still too much for you financially – you can contact us for a « voluntario » ticket. More details under « Tickets ».

The festival will start Friday at 1pm if you want to cook before that on Friday, a kitchen is available on site.

Friday evening will be a potluck dinner! We will provide a big soup and you bring whatever you like to make up a real meal. Some ideas: Bread, cheese, vegetables, humus, salad, pasta…. And think of food that can be easily conserved in case there is too much. Anyway, do not hesitate to bring more that you (think) you can chew, the last years were always a bit short.

Saturday there will be breakfast lunch and the famous festival dinner. Be prepared for some serious Brazilian flavors.

On Sunday, we will have brunch together and than finish the festival with a little snack around 5pm….

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