Teachers 2019

Catarina Ascensão

An improvised approach, in couples’ dances and traditional music

Catarina Ascensão graduated in Portugal in Performing Arts and Dance, trained in Master of Arts Education (theater speciality). She develops her work between choreography, movement, music and care. She takes part in different projects, as a teacher, performer and organizer, in the contemporary dance scene, improvisation and folk.



Juliana Werner

Looking for the connection in forró

Juliana is a dancer, teacher and researcher of brazilian forró. Since her arrival in Europe she is making anthropological researches on forró and she has shared her work in several cities. For Juliana, forró is more than a dance. This is the meeting of two people who must create their own universe in the space and time of a single song. Her approach is to explore listening between people, and with music. She won’t transmit us a particular style of forró, but techniques of dance for the forró, supported by her contemporary dance education.

Forro Douro 2018 Krystallenia Photography 1
photo Krystallenia Photography

Cf: The Art of Embrace, vidéo Constantine Grass. Juliana & Buiu @ Dublin Forró Festival 2018.

Janos and Alise

Travels, dances and sharing

Alise and Janos are the historical teachers and great sharers of forró of the cities of Toulouse and Freiburg. They use forró to take us to improvisation by working on posture, connection, and all the other details that the experience of sharing has brought them.

Carlos Valverde

Nordestine Culture

Carlos is a dancer and musician keen on Nordestine culture, since his youth, in Brazil. His passion is communicative, and he will transmit it to you, through play and joy. Immerse yourself in the world of « raizes do sertao » dances (roots of the Nordeste desert): Coco and Cavalo Marinho.
He brings his zabumbas, ganzas, triangles and pandeiros, to make you feel the power of Brazilian percussion!

carlos gedam.resized

Kamila Souza

Piano and haunting voice

Kamila Souza is a brazilian artist born in Pernambuco, Nordeste of Brazil, cradle of forró and many other cultures. She immersed herself in dances and music of her country and she is developing her own artistic research around afro-indigenous culture. Her universe mixes brazilian popular songs revisited, in addition to her own compositions. Her voice and her piano give us the opportunity to discover the colors and the sounds of her region, but also her values, her sensitivity and her relationship to the world.


Corentin Restif

The accordion flies

Corentin never lets go of accordion since he discovered it, and he takes us traveling, dancing, with his different bands (Forro Pifado, Café com Leite, Ça va valser …). He went to Brazil to learn with masters and he will share with you some music and tools that he uses to create a suitable atmosphere in the ball of forró.



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