Tickets for the FIF 2020 are all sold out and the waiting list is complete.

Please do not send for the waiting list anymore. 



The FIF ? What’s that ?

 The Forro Impro Festival means 3 days of:

DANCE WORKSHOPS on Forro, contact improvisation and traditional dances. Parties and COLORFUL BALLS until the morning comes, to LIFE MUSIC from passionate musicians. BRAZILIAN MUSIC workshops by the musicians you’ve seen on stage. A splendid FESTIVAL DINNER and meals with local, organic foods to get a taste of Brazil in France. The NATURE of the Creuse department with the Vassivière LAKE and the camping under the old oak trees at the plateaux limousins. SHARED MOMENTS of music, meals and much more with fellow dancers, musicians, volunteers, cooks and sheep in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

To bring everyone together and share the whole experience, the festival comes at a flat rate including, workshops, food, parties and overnight stay.

And this is what it looked like last year:

Forró Impro Festival 2019 from InConstance on Vimeo.

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