This year again, we propose an all inclusive price for the festival. This makes it so much easier to organize for our small crew of voluntaries.

The ticket includes :

  • All workshops and parties, from Friday 14h until Sunday 17h. Thursday night there will be a pre-party at the bar l’Atelier, where you can bust a move or two and mingle with the locals to share your passion for dancing….
  • The food from Saturday’s breakfast until the afternoon snack on Sunday (details under “practical information”) . Don’t forget t bring food for Friday night’s potluck dinner. And if you plan on arriving already on Thursday, remember to bring the supplementary meals.
  • Accommodation on the campsite in a tent or a car from Friday to Sunday. Other types of accommodation is also available, please check the practical information for details. If you want to stay Thursday and/or Sunday nights, you will need to pay a supplementary 4.50€ per person and night at the campsite and 15€ for the dormitory, in cash at the festival.

FIF 2020 Tickets :

Different prices are available for the FIFI 2020 tickets and we will not ask for proof. The objective is to make the festival as accessible as possible for everyone, and to let everyone contribute according to their means, keeping in mind the costs of the festival.

We have an estimated budget of 12 000€, and there will be 90 participants. If we get more than 12 000€ from the registration, this would allow us to pay the cooks and the artists a bit better and keep a little budget to easier start the organization of the FIF2021. We would like to make the budget transparent and present you the detail at the festival. In case we did not have the time to prepare a presentation, feel free to ask for the details!

I support the FIF (Youpi ! 😊) : 150€

Normal : 135€

Reduced : 120€ (RSA, étudiants, etc….)

Voluntario : 90€

This extremely reduced ticket is offered to 5 persons who do not have the budget to pay a normal ticket and are ready to help us a bit more during the festival. This includes arrival on Thursday midday. If you are interested please contact us directly.



To keep the balance between leaders and followers during workshops and parties, we offer different tickets for the two roles.

Tickets for the FIF 2020 are all sold out and the waiting list is complete.

Please do not send for the waiting list anymore.

If your preferred role is full, please send us a mail to us and we will put you on a waiting list.

Like the last year, we propose two workshop groups depending on your Forró experience:


 Group 1 : if you practice Forró for less than 2 years, you know basics steps and you are developing the connection with your partner. There will also be an initiation to refresh your memories of basic Forró steps on Friday the 28th at 13h.

Or Group 2 : if you know a lot of Forró steps and you are used to the connection with your partner.  

Refund in case of cancellation:

Given the current situation it is still possible that we are obliged to cancel the 2020 edition. In this case we will refund the registration fees. If you cancel your registration until the 10th of august, the fee will also be refunded. After this date this is not possible anymore, but we can put you in touch with someone on the waiting list to resell your ticket. Thank you for your understanding.

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