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This year, we come back to a more simple all included formula.

But, we thought on how not to be elitist and to welcome everybody. So first of all, we propose 6 places of voluntario. A voluntario will have a super-reduced ticket and will give three hours to the festival (two during a workshop, one during a break). If you are interested, contact us as soon as possible !

Of course, anybody is free to help. Your help can be a relief to our little voluntary team and the work is more fun if we do it together 🙂

Food is included in the pass, from saturday’s breakfast to sunday’s 16h « goûter » (see more in the « Practical Information » page).

Camping or sleeping in your vehicle is included in the passes. However other options exist such as mini-appartment. See more in Practical Information.

All workshops and parties from friday, 14h to sunday 18h are included in the pass.

The other prices you can see below are calculated on wether we will be able to pay our chiefcook Madeleine. She did it all benevolently last year but it was a tremendous work, before, during and a bit after the festival. This year we’d like to make a contribution for her work.

This year, there is one more workshop than last year, and the festival begins a bit earlier. We should then also have more time to wander around, have a swim into the lake, tchat…


Voluntario : 90€

Reduced (unemployed,…) : 120€

Normal : 135€

Backing price: 150€

If you cancel your inscription before the 19th of august you can either find someone else or we reimburse your. After the 19th we can not do this anymore.

Buy tickets here:

Download the program

FIF 2019 – en (pdf, 4MB)

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